Your fertility journey starts with Probryo

The journey to parenthood begins with an open mind, a positive mentality & focus. Probryo will make this journey a seamless one.

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Probryo Fertility clinic is dedicated to the issue of infertility diagnosis and the treatment of fertility disorders. We provide a broad range of treatment methods and additional techniques that increase not only the treatment success rates, but also the comfort of our patients.

With just three Easy steps, your journey to parenthood is smooth with Probryo


Book An Appoinment

This is the first step towards parenthood. You can simply click on the Book Appointment link, complete the form and our representative will get to you. Another way to book an appointment is to visit our Fertility Clinic at Cornerstone Towers, Cassidy, Okokomaiko, Lagos.


Meet The Professional

Attend our Counselling and/or consultation session with the Medical Fertility professional ...


Follow Through

This third stage is very important. Simply go through the prescribed process and that's all. Your journey to parenthood is smooth

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